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About Us

The FOCUS-CI Study is being conducted by the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) in Bethesda, MD. USUHS is the federal university which educates and trains military health professionals. USUHS is also nationally recognized for its research promoting the health and well-being of military service members and their families.

The FOCUS-CI study is sponsored by a grant from the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs of the Department of Defense. This program funds confidential medical research to find the best ways to keep service members and their families healthy, strong, and resilient.

The Study Team

This study is led by a team of diverse professionals experienced with military lifestyle, family well-being, and child development. FOCUS-CI is directed by the USUHS team and conducted with Washington, DC, San Antonio, TX, and Chapel Hill, NC, communities. For more information, you may contact a study team member at


USUHS CSTS Science Team

Study Principal Investigator: Stephen Cozza, M.D., COL, US Army, Retired

Study Director/Research Psychologist: Allison Holmes, Ph.D. email.icon

Director, Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress: Robert Ursano, M.D.

Scientific Director, Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress: Carol Fullerton, Ph.D.

FOCUS-CI Coordinator Supervisor/Research Psychologist: Susan Van Ost, Ph.D.

FOCUS-CI Trainer/Program Manager: Sara Pula, Ph.D., NCC, LCPC

Research Assistant: Jessica Kansky, B.A.

Research Assistant: Erin Beech, M.A.

Research Assistant: Jamie Sullivan, B.A.

Program Manager: April Harris, MBA, MSHCA

Program Manager/Grants Specialist: Freda Denis-Cooper, B.S.


WRNMMC and Surrounding Metro Areas Team

WRNMMC Site Principal Investigator: LTC Brett J. Schneider MC USA, M.D.

Associate Investigator: Ryo Sook Chun, M.D.

FOCUS-CI Coordinator: Mona Mendelson, LCSW-C email.icon

FOCUS-CI Coordinator: Heidi Shull, MA, LCPC, NCC email.icon

FOCUS-CI Coordinator: Mikelle Miles-Mooney, MS, LGPC email.icon


SAMMC and Surrounding Metro Areas Team

SAMMC Site Principal Investigator: Teresa (Terry) Arata-Maiers, Psy.D.

Associate Investigator: COL Bruce Crow, Psy.D., US Army, Retired

FOCUS-CI Coordinator: Mary Rando, MA, NCC, LPCI email.icon
FOCUS-CI Coordinator: Antonio Garcia, NCC, LPCI email.icon


UNC Chapel Hill and Surrounding Metro Areas Team

UNC-CH Site Principal Investigator: Eric Elbogen, Ph.D., M.L.S.

FOCUS-CI Coordinator: James Wolfe, MS, LPCA email.icon

FOCUS-CI Coordinator: Michelle Cueva, Ph.D. email.icon

FOCUS-CI Coordinator: Chelsea Greenburg, MSW email.icon

FOCUS-CI Coordinator: Erin Clevenger, Ph.D. email.icon

Research Assistant: Mina Schneider, B.A. email.icon

Study Partners

The study team collaborates with experts at universities and organizations across the country. Our collaborators provide a wide range of support to the study by contributing guidance in study design, questionnaire development, site and community engagement, experience with family interventions, and experience with wounded populations.

Study consultants include:

Patricia Lester, M.D. 
UCLA Semel Institute

William Saltzman, Ph.D.
UCLA Semel Institute

Douglas Zatzick, M.D.
University of Washington

William Beardslee, M.D.
Harvard Medical School.